partners with Hacken to bolster cybersecurity

Digital asset exchange has partnered with Hacken to boost the security of the platform and obtain a Crypto Exchange Ranks (CER) certificate

Cryptocurrency platform has partnered with cybersecurity consulting company Hacken to strengthen the exchange’s security mechanisms, while promising robust cybersecurity for its platform. will closely work with Hacken to get the Crypto Exchange Ranks (CER) certificate; CER certification is a complex multi-factor scoring platform for cryptocurrency exchanges.

CER examines a number of factors that impact trustworthiness including cybersecurity processes and wallet balances.

“ has always been extremely focused on user security and we already have multiple mechanisms to ensure strong security of the funds and the user data such as ensuring user account security, device protection, in-house cybersecurity team, etc. We are pleased to announce that we have partnered with Hacken to provide a more secure trading experience to our users and in the process achieve the CER certification program that will further strengthen our security protocols,” said Marie Tatibouet, CMO at

The urgency to ensure digital asset platforms remain secure has never been stronger after $4.26 billion was stolen from exchanges last year, according to Cipher Trace.

Hacken will support throughout the process of the CER program; this includes performing due diligence of cybersecurity policies on the platform and reviewing its internal crypto exchange cybersecurity policies and external penetration test reports.

The firm will also run regular cybersecurity assessments to access potential vulnerabilities in the platform as well as producing regular reports.

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