GBP bounces 1% after hitting two-year low at $1.20

Brexit uncertainty has fueled a tremendous rally to the downside for the pound against the dollar, although a 1% bounce has shown glimmers of hope for the beleaguered currency

The Great British pound (GBP) has finally found a level of support after a week of freefall that saw the currency drop to as low as $1.20 – its lowest level since January 2017.

Concerns over a swift Brexit resolution coupled with a tumbling FTSE 100 has resulted in a lack of optimism in the British markets.

The pound has now bounced at the same point it did in 2017, which was followed by a 20% rally to the upside over the following four months.

However, the uncertainty surrounding the pound in light of Boris Johnson’s appointment as Prime Minister could see it break this level of support in the coming weeks.

The pound has not traded below $1.20 since 1985, when it dropped to as low as $1.07 following a five-year downtrend during Margaret Thatcher’s tumultuous time as Prime Minister.

Moving forwards, if the $1.20 level of support fails to hold, the $1.07 level will be the next point to look out for before potential parity with the dollar is reached.

If the pound continues to rally to the upside, the next significant buy signal would be if a daily candle could close above the 22 exponential moving average (EMA), as this has been acting as resistance since May 10.

Great Britain is set to leave the European Union on October 31, although sceptics believe that date may get pushed back to allow time for further negotiations or even a second referendum as uncertainty mounts behind the potential of a no-deal Brexit.

Turmoil in the traditional financial markets could be a positive signal for cryptocurrencies, which could see increased adoption due to their decentralised nature.

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