GitHub adds option to tip with BAT

You can now use BAT to tip developers directly for any specific contribution or issues raised on GitHub

You can now use Basic Attention Token (BAT) to tip developers directly for any specific contribution or issues raised on GitHub.

Users no longer need to search for someone’s BTC address to send a tip as the functionality has now been incorporated into GitHub itself. With a simple click, you can tip developers directly for their work.

GitHub adds BAT tips

BAT is an Ethereum token that powers the Brave blockchain-based digital advertising platform.

According to the Brave blog, the update to add BAT tipping to GitHub was released in late August.

Now, any GitHub user can simply create a Brave Browser account to receive BAT tips or tip others with BAT.

The benefits of tipping

Since platforms like YouTube, Medium, and Patreon appeared, more people have been able to create content that goes directly to the public with fewer intermediaries.

Now that people can use their cryptocurrency to directly fund developers for their work, we could potentially see more people contributing to open-source projects.

GitHub users can now simply click on an icon to learn about BAT and tipping with cryptocurrencies. This addition could therefore create a brand new funding channel for cryptocurrency developers.

In essence, work can be directly incentivised by cryptocurrency users, which seems to be one of the goals of decentralisation: to enable new, exotic funding methods and business models.


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