Glafka Capital launches crypto hedge fund on VALK platform

Glafka Capital has launched its digital asset-focused hedge fund on VALK's Corda-powered platform, giving efficient exposure to institutions

Glafka Capital, the first FCA-authorised alternative investments fund manager to create a cryptocurrency fund, will be hosting its services on a VALK Corda platform offering a unique investor onboarding experience.

Glafka’s Starboard Digital Strategies investors will benefit from an institutional grade hedge fund, with a strategy that taps on the opportunities generated by the extreme volatility in digital currencies and transforms them to uniquely high market neutral returns with low standard deviation.

The fund draws on the vast depth of expertise of FCA-authorised Glafka’s Digital Assets Group, ranging from derivatives trading, blockchain development, risk management and regulatory compliance.

Institutional investors will be able to access the fund via a streamlined online process, which allows them to register, qualify and purchase in a short period of time.

Antoine Loth, VALK’s co-founder, said: “We are very excited and proud to see the first crypto arbitrage hedge fund launched on a VALK platform. Our partners at Glafka are pioneers in the industry, having already run hundred million dollar private equity transactions on VALK, they are now taking it to the next level with the launch of this truly groundbreaking fund.”

Glafka Capital’s co-founder, Petros Mylonas, added: “The launch of Starboard Digital Strategies underpins Glafka Capital’s ambitious foray into digital asset management services, looking to unleash the vast investment opportunities in this emerging space.

“Our Digital Assets Group is working on bringing new, exciting products to the market, always benefitting the trust allowed by an institutional grade set up and FCA’s regulatory perimeter.”

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