Sponsored Global Integration for QMALL Through Granting of Eurozone Crypto License, Payment Gateway & Collaborations with EU’s Largest Companies

This week, Ukraine's QMALL cryptocurrency exchange added yet another milestone to its seemingly unlimited ambition by receiving registration approval from the EU regulator. 

The company became regulated in the Eurozone by registering as UAB QMALL in Lithuania. The company has been officially registered as a Virtual Currency Exchange Operator and Depository Virtual Currency Wallet Operator by the Financial Crime Investigation Service under The Ministry of the Interior of The Republic of Lithuania. 

Now that QMALL is legally licensed to operate in Europe, the company can begin building on its 100,000-plus Ukrainian users by attracting new traders from around the world. 

The most immediate and impactful benefit of QMALL’s EU registration is its ability to allow users to trade in Euro pairs. Offering its users the ability to trade in Euro pairs allows them the scope to create new trading strategies and therefore increase profit. EU registration has opened the door to a world of new opportunities for the exchange, and the company plans to move quickly to take advantage of this. 

The brainchild of entrepreneurs Mykola Udianskyi and Bohdan Prylepa, QMALL was launched in 2021 and became Ukraine’s first-ever government-regulated cryptocurrency exchange. QMALL is well-known within the crypto-world for its straightforward and convenient payment systems and low commissions. The exchange has also proven itself to be highly safe, offering many advanced security features to ensure users assets are safe. 

Mykola and Bohdan have big plans for QMALL, including it being the first crypto exchange to launch its own metaverse. Now that the company is licensed to do business in Europe, the possibilities are endless. QMALL dreams of being the world’s go-to crypto exchange, and its visionary founders have the experience and expertise to make these dreams a reality.  

Europe’s largest launchpad

QMALL has teamed up with the French equivalent to Silicon Valley, Sophia Antipolis, to create Europe’s largest launchpad. Launchpads are platforms that help launch new cryptocurrency projects. Typically, people who invest in a project’s digital assets in its early stages experience the highest returns. And it isn’t uncommon to see life-changing returns of a hundredfold or more.

This ambitious project between QMALL and Sophia Antipolis will help many Ukrainian companies and others gain the financing they need and provide them with a firm foothold in the European market. And, when I said ambitious, I really meant it. The team at QMALL is planning weekly or bi-weekly launches of new projects starting almost immediately. As a result of there being more projects available, many more people will have the opportunity to get involved in a project in the early stages.

Creating Europe’s largest launchpad is only the beginning of the untold myriad of opportunities that now lay before QMALL’s feet. Sophia Antipolis is a 2,400-hectare site in the southeast of France that’s home to more than 2,500 companies. It hosts numerous successful startups alongside many major global brands such as IBM, Cisco and Samsung – the opportunity to meet with and even cooperate with some of the world’s top tech companies is now within QMALL’s grasp. When great minds meet, ideas come to life.

Well, with the company now massively increasing the number of crypto launches, exploiting the new opportunities that Sophia Antipolis offers – in addition to its Eurozone regulation and Euro pair trading announcement – the company is likely to see a significant increase in the value of the QMALL token as a result.  

Regulations and QMALL’s full integration with the European market

Now that QMALL is fully integrated and registered inside the EU, this brings with it an increased sense of trust in the exchange’s operations. Regulations keep everyone in check by protecting consumers from bad actors and providing businesses with transparent rules of the game. This works well for the world’s finance and stock markets – therefore, the crypto-world should be no different. 

However, with the industry moving at such a breakneck speed, regulators are struggling to keep up with the number of new products and innovations on the market. Hence, regulators are now seeking advice from industry insiders to help them plan a way forward.  

Many within the crypto industry believe tighter regulation can only benefit the industry in the long run. Most agree that if the industry wants to become mainstream, educating the public and instilling confidence are paramount to its future. QMALL is one-step ahead of most of the industry in this regard and has positioned itself as both a leader and major player in the space.


Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed by the author should not be considered as financial advice. We do not give advice on financial products.

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