Global Pets World Group and Ammbr to build metaverse pet park

The concept is theme park that leverages Distributed Ledger Technology to scale customer engagement and raise funding

Global Pets World Group, a subsidiary of Wisdomcome group, has recently reached an agreement with Ammbr, a decentralised infrastructure technology developer in Abu Dhabi, to build the world’s first Global Pets theme park.

With Hong Kong as a starting point the main idea is to gradually expand to ten regions around the world.

Coin Rivet spoke with Ammbr’s CEO, Derrick Smith who explained Global Pets World is a novel concept in theme parks – a place where pets and their owners can enjoy typical theme park facilities together.

“Planned to open in Hong Kong in 2024, Global Pets World will have a pet-inclusive hotel, restaurants, a spa, rides and parks, as well as a full veterinary clinic,” he said.

“Commemorative walls and crematorium, and a facility to capture beloved pets as metaverse avatars will help owners retain the memories after the pets have passed on.”

Smith also added that a large series of unique NFTs have been released to represent the top five tiers of memberships in Global Pets World.

“A further two tiers, represented by non-unique NFTs, complete the memberships offering,” he mentioned.

“For sale on the Global Pets World website, some of the NFTs are also now being traded on Opensea.”

The NFTs and blockchain-level security will be used to provide access control at the theme park, as well in online stores and the Global Pets World presence in the metaverse.

Smith revealed he has been in the blockchain space since the early days, and the concept of non-fungible tokens has been around quite a long time.

“The specific ERC-721 and 1155 standards really came to prominence about a year ago, and received a big boost with the Beeple sale early in 2021,” he said.

“By then we had already formulated our main strategies for NFT and their role in bringing about the Metaverse.”

When asked about the mission, Smith said it is to close gaps that persist in society.

“We have already built and commercialised a last-mile broadband solution, and we are now building decentralised financial infrastructure and the underpinnings of our own Metaverse,” he commented.

“NFTs are the most successful asset tokenisation standard and will allow us to close gaps in multiple spheres including trade, asset based finance, venture capital and gamification of many traditional jobs.”

Talking about NFT space in 2-5 years, Smith says the company sees a massive focus on gaming and alternative finance in the coming years, with a longer term evolution of mainstream finance and capital markets.

“Governance and compliance will be very important in the coming few years, and we are already involved in the launch of a US-based, SEC compliant NFT security offering,” he added.

“Our society stands on the brink of massive changes, perhaps last seen with mechanisation.

“Within ten years the metaverse will have transformed almost every way we live and do business. Projects such as this are the early experiments that will soon proliferate and spawn variations beyond imagining.”

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