Gods Unchained has released its ‘largest update ever’

Blockchain-based trading card game Gods Unchained has released update 0.14, dubbed its largest update ever

Gods Unchained – a blockchain-based trading card game not too dissimilar from the popular Hearthstone game – has shipped out what it calls its “largest update ever”.

The news was announced in a Gods Unchained blog post detailing update 0.14. The Gods Unchained Twitter account also tweeted out the news.

The blog post announcement reveals that all player activity and functionality that was previously built into the game has now been moved (excluding gameplay) over to the Apollo client.

The reasoning behind the switch to the Apollo client is that it enables the team at Gods Unchained to ship updates “much faster” while advancing the scope of features the game can offer players.

Update 0.14 has also redesigned the UI (user interface) and UX (user experience) while rewriting matchmaking master and zone servers.

The communication protocol for matchmaking has also been redefined and capacity is now projected to be horizontally scalable beyond 10,000+ concurrent players.

There will now also be three game modes to select in the arena, including quick draft, constructed, and solo constructed, with the ability to set up dedicated decks for each of these modes.

Players will also be able to open new card packs in the Apollo client.

The progression system

The progression system is another new feature to be added to Gods Unchained. The system will reward players for earning experience in the game and is set to become a core pillar of the game’s play-to-earn mechanic.

The important details are that core cards in player collections have been “zeroed”, meaning everyone will only start with the Genesis cards they own. Upon logging in for the first time, the player will be given 12 neutral core packs, two nature core packs, two light core packs, and two war core packs.

Players will be able to earn experience (XP) for playing multiplayer matches, which contribute to players’ overall levels – each time a player levels up, they will receive a core pack.

The announcement also stipulates that there will likely be periodic progress resets throughout the beta while the team works on fixing bugs and testing new features.

Additionally, new cards have been added while others have been balanced or debugged.

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