Gods Unchained has updated its XP system

Gods Unchained has updated its experience (XP) system to help balance the game and combat toxic quitters

Blockchain-enabled trading game Gods Unchained has announced an upgrade to the current experience (XP) system to help fairly reward players and punish toxic quitters.

The news was announced on the Gods Unchained blog page, which states the decision to upgrade and tweak the XP system was necessary as it is a fundamental component of the game and needs to be balanced in the interest of fairness.

Part of balancing the game is knowing how blockchain can be used effectively to reward players as well as ensuring there are no clear-cut exploits for players to use as an advantage.

One issue the team found was that previously any quitouts before round five resulted in nobody gaining XP. As a result, players who were losing would quit in round four just so their opponent (the winning player) would gain nothing.

To remedy this, an upgrade has been implemented granting the winner XP if their opponent concedes prior to round five. Since the change, Gods Unchained has seen the percentage of games lasting until round five increase by 7%.

Another issue was that the old XP system gave out the same amount of XP whether the game ended in round five or round 10. This in turn strongly rewarded players who used decks that can force a result early, allowing them to re-queue quickly and go again.

The new system

The new XP system is based on two components. The first is a constant value of XP is awarded per round completed, which rewards both players for the amount of time spent in-game. The second is a fixed bonus for winning, which rewards skilled play.

As with the previous system, quitouts before round five result in no XP awarded to the player quitting the game, but XP is now awarded to victims of quitouts.

There has been no change to the overall levelling rate, meaning it is exactly the same as the previous XP system.

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