Gods Unchained overtakes CryptoKitties in transaction volume

The Ethereum network has remained stable as Gods Unchained hit six million transactions over three days

Blockchain-based game Gods Unchained has taken the transaction volume crown away from CryptoKitties.

The fantasy trading card game saw the transfer of 6 million cards in three days – crushing the 4.7 million individual transactions from CryptoKitties that once clogged the entire Ethereum network.

A CoinMetrics Twitter thread outlined how Ethereum ran smoothly despite the glut of transactions because the team at Gods Unchained “batched” transactions.

It said: “Despite the insane number of transfers, Ethereum has remained unclogged. In fact, Ethereum blocks have not been more than 85% full since mid-October.

“This is because Gods Unchained has been batching hundreds of transfers in single transactions. Gods Unchained is in the process of ‘activating’ all of their cards, which turns each card into a tradeable token.

“Gods Unchained started activation in November, which means these transfers represent the total amount of cards up to that point.

“Previously, users could only receive cards directly from Gods Unchained. These cards were usable in-game, but not tradable on the open market.

“For context, CryptoKitties has had about 4.7 million transfers over the course of its lifetime, which includes original purchases and secondary sales.

@GodsUnchained has officially created over 6 million tokenised in-game assets, which is more than any other Ethereum game to date.”

In 2017, CryptoKitties proved so popular it placed pressure on the Ethereum network’s technology.

The app uses Ethereum’s blockchain to create a public history of unique electronic pets.

This week, Coin Rivet published an interview with Roham Gharegozlou, the founder of Dapper Labs, the company responsible for the development of CryptoKitties, where he talks about the future of blockchain gaming and collectible items.

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