Google Chrome 76 blocks Flash-based games, The Abyss fights back

The Abyss has announced the release of the Abyss Launcher to combat Google Chrome's latest update which automatically blocks Flash-based apps

Digital distribution platform The Abyss has developed a solution to fight back against the latest Google Chrome update – 76 – which automatically blocks Flash-based clients.

The platform announced the release of the Abyss Launcher on its Medium blog page.

The Abyss Launcher is an “advanced client app” that will keep Flash games running despite the recent Chrome update.

The Abyss is an online game distribution platform that focuses on massively multiplayer online (MMO) games and massively multiplayer online role-playing games (MMORPGs).

The company’s most recent blog post details how on July 30, Google launched Chrome 76 – the latest version of the popular web browser – which now blocks all Flash-based content by default with no option to bypass.

While users have the option to turn this off in their settings, the process is cumbersome.

Google isn’t the only company targeting Flash either, with Adobe expected to stop support for Flash at the end of 2020. The Abyss claims that Mozilla also wants to crack down on Flash in early 2020 as well.

Chrome hosts more than one billion users, meaning Flash-based developers and publishers who use Chrome are left with two options: convert their games to HTML5 or port them into a new launcher.

This is where The Abyss’ latest product comes in.

The Abyss Launcher will provide full-scale support for Flash games and will serve as a singular entry point, allowing users to switch easily between numerous projects.

It is a fully customisable app with simple integration which requires no changes to the current authorisation and billing systems.

The Abyss Launcher is a white-label solution based on a monthly subscription model.

With this latest attack on Flash, the Abyss Launcher is aiming to keep Flash gaming alive for years to come.

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