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Ross Chalmers
Community Manager

Ross first discovered Bitcoin as an undergraduate at the University of Sussex in 2013. Since then, the self-confessed Game of Thrones superfan has travelled extensively before returning to academic studies with Leiden University in the Netherlands to complete his MA. His focus was on the philosophies and groups underpinning the Bitcoin movement, Crypto Anarchy and the CypherPunks.

The importance of privacy coins

George Orwell’s 1984 portrays a dystopian future where Big Brother is everywhere. The society is controlled as there is no privacy – cameras can follow you everywhere and your news...

By - January 5, 2019

Happy 10th birthday to Bitcoin

Today is the 10th birthday of Bitcoin. Ten years ago, Satoshi Nakamoto released the code for what is now Bitcoin and changed many people’s lives – some for the better...

By - January 3, 2019

The racism of Timothy C. May

In early December, Timothy C. May passed away, and much was written about him. I myself wrote about his influential political philosophies having studied much of his writing whilst at...

By - January 2, 2019

Follow Friday: @cryptoblood_

For this week’s Follow Friday, we spoke to @cryptoblood_. He’s a crypto enthusiast who’s active on Twitter and runs a YouTube series uploading daily videos. Before entering the cryptocurrency...

By - December 21, 2018

The megaphone of Bitcoin SV

Twitter poll results time folks! Yesterday, we asked you whether we should listen to the voices of Craig Wright and his partner Calvin Ayre or whether we should just...

By - December 20, 2018