Guess who just made the first blockchain phone call?

It's Pitt Huang of Pundi X and his team using the venture's XPhone device

Indonesia-based startup Pundi X is claiming a blockchain first.

“This morning, during day two of the XBlockchain Summit at the Inaya Putri Bali, we had a public demonstration and made the world’s first blockchain phone call on our latest device, the XPhone,” says Pitt Huang, CTO and Co-Founder of Pundi X in a letter addressed to his firm’s customers. “Unlike traditional phones which require a centralised mobile carrier, XPhone runs independently without the need for that.”

The phone runs on a Pundi X invention dubbed the Function X blockchain.

“We’ve developed our own chain which we believe will answer many of the challenges facing the many blockchain platforms today by increasing its scale, ability to publish Dapps and achieve true decentralisation,” Huang adds. “It will also revolutionise the way we transmit data of all kinds, giving rise to a truly decentralised internet.”

Function X for decentralisation

Function X is pitched as not only a public chain but also a fully decentralised solution that consists of components designed to decentralise all apps, website, communications and data.

“The Function X OS is based off the Android OS 9.0, so there is a backward compatibility with the Android apps,” Huang says. “For developers and users transitioning to the Function X platform, it would be relatively easy as the knowledge and experience from developing and using Android will be transferable.”

Svailable for testing

The XPhone OS is currently available to phone manufacturers for testing and its offical launch is scheduled for Q2 2019. Siring Labs and HTC are also working on blockchain phones.

Pundi X previously developed a blockchain-based Point of Sale (PoS) solution that enables brick and mortar retail stores to carry out multi-cryptocurrency transactions. Pundi X’s token the NPXS, priced at around $0.00150938, has a market capitalisation of approximately $165 million.


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