Half of Binance workforce is made up of women

Binance are celebrating key female leadership throughout its global organisation

Binance took to Twitter to celebrate that “female colleagues make up half” of their team, stating that women hold “many critical roles within the Binance ecosystem.”

Key senior positions within Binance are filled by women, including He Yi (co-founder and chief marketing officer), Ella Zhang (head of Binance Labs), and Helen Hai (head of Binance Charity).

Binance CEO Changpeng ‘CZ’ Zhao also mentioned in a tweet that “the Head of Helpdesk, Head of Clearing, Head of Asia Marketing, Head of PR, Head of HR, Head of Operations Malta, and many other roles” were all filled by women.

CZ did however cause some controversy by saying the roles were filled by “girls” in his tweet, as opposed to “women” in the Binance blog.

WhalePanda issued his own mock apology to “non-gender-specific people”.

The full blog post went on to outline the background and key professional achievements of He, Ella, and Helen. He Yi, the most senior of the three colleagues, said:

“At present, our proportion of female employees is very high, accounting for about half of our team. We see more and more women joining the industry, and many outstanding women have emerged in the space. I think this is the best proof, as Binance does not consider gender or marital status during the recruitment process. We have naturally recruited a lot of excellent women, and we speak through our strength at Binance.”

They concluded by saying that the global Binance community will be at the forefront of the struggle for gender equality in tech.

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