Hashed raises $200m in aim to expand on Web3 growth

Hashed Ventures has committed $320m in total to improve its blockchain ecosystem

Hashed, an investment firm that focuses on blockchain has raised $200m through the Hashed Venture Fund II.

The recent fundraiser comes almost one year after the launch of Hashed Venture Fund I, which was a $120m initial commitment focusing on the new era of distributed networks.

The latest investment now comes with the onus of building the growth of the Web3 space and aims to revolutionise the next generation of the internet in areas such as NFTs, DeFi, and GameFi.

Hashed has already made moves in the virtual space, backing the token launchpad of the multi-chain platform Krystal, which enables access to DeFI services and the management of NFTs.

The company was an early investor in projects such as Terra, The Sandbox and, Axie Infinity.

Simon Kim, CEO & managing partner of Hashed, said people no longer deliberate on the significance of digital assets and insists his company was correct in its consistent pursuit of success in the technology sector.

“Just a few years ago, people doubted whether we would be able to transition our offline experience to online, but now people no longer question the value of digital assets such as NFTs and related products to be used in the metaverse,” Kim said.

“This change in our perception indicates that we have been right.”

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