HBUS first digital exchange launches billboard campaign in US

“There’s no question that digital assets have taken its share of hits this year. We wanted to give crypto traders a break when it comes to the high fees they regularly have to pay when trading on other exchanges. It’s time American traders are given freedom and more options when it comes to what they want to buy when it comes to digital assets," says Frank Fu, CEO of HBUS

HBUS, the exclusive US strategic partner of digital currency marketplace, Huobi, is hitting the streets with a new billboard campaign in San Francisco.

“Having only launched HBUS in July of this year, we’ve grown quickly in our San Francisco headquarters , so much so that we’ll be looking for new office space in the next year to accommodate our growing staff,” it says in a Medium post.

“Besides our employee headcount, we now offer one of the most robust digital asset selections to the American public, with over 12 digital currencies and 35 trading pairs.” This includes Bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin, with plans to introduce two new token projects a week to the American public.

The venture claims that no US-based digital currency exchange has done a campaign like this before. And Coin Rivet is unable to offer any evidence to the contrary.

“The industry has seen its share of “online” gimmicks and we just wanted to get back to some of the basics of advertising that continue to play a major role in brand awareness and credibility,” the Medium post continues. “San Francisco is at the heart of the technological revolution and of technological “evolution”. As part of the campaign, we are eliminating our already lowest trading fees to zero through the end of 2018.”

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