HBUS rebrands digital currency trading platform

The venture, which is competing with Coinbase and Binance in the US, first launched its marketplace in July last year

HBUS, the US-based strategic partner of China-founded crypto exchange Huobi, has rebranded its retail trading service from HBUS.com to Huobi.com.

“This is a step forward in Huobi Group’s plan for global expansion,”  says Leon Li, CEO and Founder of Huobi Group. “We feel very confident that the HBUS team will be excellent stewards of the ‘Huobi’ name as they become the top digital asset exchange in the US.”

“Huobi Global is a world leading digital asset exchange, especially in Asia, and the name ‘Huobi’ is a powerful brand in the digital asset world, representing dependability, flexibility, and security for more than half a decade,” adds Frank Fu, CEO of HBUS.

“Leveraging our enhanced partnership with Huobi Group, we’ll continue to operate the trading platform in a compliance-committed manner, offering wide token variety, competitive trading fees, and help grow the brand of Huobi to be synonymous with excellence and worldwide regulatory compliance.” 

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