Heather DeSantis explains why she loves cryptocurrency

Heather DeSantis answers a few questions from Coin Rivet about why she embraces crypto and the technology and wants to get the word out there

The founder and CEO of Publicity for Good and is on a mission to change PR agencies as we know them.
How did you get involved in cryptocurrency?

Through being approached by different crypto companies and being asked to help them get PR and media interviews. By focusing on the story and solution instead of ICO.

How sustainable is this technology?

If it has the right advisors and mentors, and they are building at a reasonable pace and are more focused on being a solution to market than capital gain, then the company can be around for a while. It’s putting all your eggs in one basket that I see as being a problem.

Why does it get such a bad rap in the media?

Because a lot of these companies are overnight successes. They go about pitching themselves the wrong way – leading with their ICO or are too promotional. There are a lot of crypto companies so what you’re talking about needs to really going to make a difference.

Can it ever separate itself from criminality and the dark web?

No comment

Why is it so difficult to understand?

It’s a non-tangible thing – you can’t hold it. The source of how it was created (bitcoin etc) is unknown; it’s an arbitrary thing.

Is it the next industrial revolution with all this new tech?

With cryptocurrency what you’re finding is people are trying to take back control and work towards a more Utopian society and that’s what we’re moving toward is that consumer behaviuor.

Why does it appeal to you?

There’s a lot of crypto companies focusing on economic development and solving a problem for communities who struggle. There are companies who are doing good and creating social impact.

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