CyClean notches up crypto milestone

Transaction is first time a purchase of this kind has been made entirely with cryptocurrency.

The CyClean platform has acquired a majority stake in Imusic Things, with the transaction entirely carried out in cryptocurrency, marking a crypto milestone.

They promote clean energy by enabling customers to rent electric vehicles and purchased 60% of Imusic Things, the holding firm of the Hong Kong-based Ketchup Shared Bicycle Platform.

Ketchup rents out bicycles equipped with smart locks, GPS tracking, app integration and two small solar panels for charging the e-bikes. The Singapore-based company snapped up the shares with CyClean and JPAY tokens.

“In the future, with the reward system and coin valuation, we will continue to accelerate the green revolution and protect the health of humanity and our ecosystem,” says COO Cooz Komei Tokita.

“Additionally, the mother platform of CyClean, JPAY platform, solved the problem of volatility and confirmation of time for cryptocurrency market to make crypto payment gateway (CPG) system possible. Therefore JPAY will be the leading platform in CPG as a first of its kind.”

The vehicle rental system utilises blockchain technology and smart contracts to encourage people to use electric vehicles. The coin is mined using CyClean products based on Watts or Meters.

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