House of Nakamoto sets up second Bitcoin shop

Austria-based House of Nakamoto has opened its second crypto store, offering customers a starter kit that includes a cryptocurrency wallet, a booklet and 15 euros ($17) in digital assets

The House of Nakamoto has opened a new store in Amsterdam, one of Europe’s most Bitcoin-friendly cities, where newbies in particular can learn about cryptocurrency, set up a crypto wallet and deposit digital coins.

This is an Austrian project that was founded in early 2017 in Vienna. The main store is located in a busy shopping area of the Austrian capital city. It serves as a retail store for Bitcoin and a place where both cryptocurrency enthusiasts and experts can meet to learn, exchange views and ideas and share knowledge.

The new Amsterdam outlet serves as a centre for information as well as a retail store for crypto-related products. It also houses a Bitcoin museum. Customers can receive advice from qualified consultants, and they can buy their first crypto wallet and purchase the likes of Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash.

The store also sells “Bitcoin securities” that look like paper wallets with a Bitcoin address and its corresponding private key.

The stores in Amsterdam and Vienna have ATMs that allow users to buy Bitcoin Cash,, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dash and Litecoin. These have a daily limit of 15,000 ($17,069) euros, 5,000 ($5,700) per transaction.

Disclaimer: We do not give advice on financial products.

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