How do I get a blockchain technology job?

Everything you need to know to land your dream blockchain job

This is a quick and easy strategy for getting a blockchain technology job. I have spent more than 20 years in recruitment working at every level. This is my simple guide for researching and applying for jobs, attending interviews and some of the things you can do to prepare for those interviews in order to be successful. 

I think you can break your job search into five key stages:

Step 1 How to get a blockchain technology job – Research

First you need to research your job. These days this is straight forward. The first step is to check out the jobs listed on our site . But assuming you’re going to look further then LinkedIn is the perfect place. If you haven’t got a LinkedIn profile, then set one up. It is certainly one thing prospective employers will be looking for. It also makes applying for jobs straightforward. Many jobs allow candidates to apply just by using their LinkedIn profile 

A quick search on LinkedIn today shows me there are lots of blockchain related jobs available. Make sure you search on various options. Advertisers will list jobs differently so you will need to explore the best way to search for the job you want. 

For example, searching “blockchain technology” in the LinkedIn jobs section reveals there are 3,211 listings worldwide; 1,297 listings in the United States and 415 in the UK. However, if you search “blockchain” there are 10,745 listings worldwide; 3,105 listings in the United States and 1,056 in the UK. If you would like more detail about the US blockchain job market then this is an interesting report that lists the Top 20 US blockchain job markets.

Step 2 to get a blockchain technology job – Apply 

Once you’ve got a shortlist of jobs you can begin applying. Before you do, go through your CV and LinkedIn profile to make sure it’s up to date and current. If you’re able make sure you ask people you have worked with for endorsements on LinkedIn. These will then automatically be added to your profile. Some good endorsements will put you at an advantage compared to other candidates. 

Some jobs may require you to send additional information. If there is something to prepare make sure you leave yourself plenty of time. Also get someone to read what you have written. It’s always good to have someone else double check your document. 

Step 3 How to get a blockchain technology job – interview preparation  

As a recruiter this is the thing I am asked about all the time. It’s also where candidates need the most help and guidance. Luckily, I have several blogs that give you everything you need to know.  

Preparation is key and in this blog I outline interview preparation. It also has some broad tips on researching the company.

You might be asked to attend a competency-based interview. These are structured interviews and the interviewer will ask you to demonstrate a skill they are looking for by asking you a question like “Tell me about a time you had to deal with conflicting priorities”. This blog is a step by step guide to prepare you for this type of interview.

Step 4 How to get a blockchain technology job – interview attendance 

Be calm, be yourself, be prepared. The job interview is a two way process. They want to give someone a job – show them why it should be you. There are some great tips in this blog about presenting yourself.

All your interview preparation from Step 2 will be enhanced if you prepare some questions to use in the interview. Here are ten great questions to give you a start: 

Step 5 How to get a blockchain technology job – follow up 

Sending an email, even if it is through a recruitment consultant, can genuinely make a difference. Letting your interviewer know that you are keen after the process has finished will bring you to the forefront of their mind.

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