How much Bitcoin would it cost to buy the most valuable footballers in the Premier League?

Football transfers are becoming increasingly expensive and absurd. Here, we take a look at how much Bitcoin you would need to purchase the most valuable players in the Premier League

The prices for some football players in this day and age are absurdly high. Here, we take a look at how much Bitcoin it would cost to fund the transfers of the top 10 most valuable players in the Premier League.

The valuations used here are taken from Transfermarkt. This site takes into account players’ live form and adjusts their value accordingly.

Salah, Kane, De Bruyne, and Hazard

According to Transfermarkt, the four most valuable players in the Premier League clock in at the same price of £135 million.

These four players are Liverpool’s Mohamed Salah, Tottenham’s Harry Kane, Manchester City’s Kevin De Bruyne, and Chelsea’s Eden Hazard.

With Bitcoin’s price hovering around the $3,500 mark, purchasing any one of these four players will set you back an astounding 51,924 Bitcoin.

Raheem Sterling

Manchester City’s Raheem Sterling is valued at approximately £108 million.

This means you would need to fork out a steep 41,570 Bitcoin to net the player.

Leroy Sané

The third Manchester City player to feature on Transfermarkt’s most valued list is winger Leroy Sané, who is valued at £90 million.

In crypto terms, that’s a remarkable 34,640 Bitcoin.

N’golo Kante and Dele Alli

Kante is the second Chelsea player to feature on this list. He became a household name when he helped Leicester City win the league back in the 2015-16 season.

Midfielder Dele Alli featured heavily in England’s run to the World Cup semi finals in 2018 and is considered an integral part of the Tottenham team currently pushing for their first Premier League title.

Kante and Alli are also valued at £90 million, meaning another 34,640 Bitcoin would be required to sign each of the midfielders.

Romelu Lukaku

The Manchester United forward is currently valued at £76.5 million.

To acquire the Belgian, you’re going to need to dish out a tasty 29,418 Bitcoin.

Christian Eriksen

The Danish midfield dynamo is worth about £72 million.

Even at 10th place in this list, the Tottenham midfielder is going to set you back 27,692 Bitcoin.

Much like cryptocurrency, the prices of football players rise and fall at exponential rates. Discover how Jadon Sancho’s asset valuation rose by 800% in three months here.


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