How not to rock the crypto boat

As the warring fans of Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash muster their armies, two opposing generals - Jimmy Song and Roger Ver - embark on an early skirmish with handbags at dawn in choppy waters

Reports, so far unverified, are emerging of a heated difference of opinion on the CoinsBank Blockchain Cruise earlier this month.

The event, which took place from 7th September to the 11th, ferried cryptocurrency fans around Barcelona, Monaco and Ibiza. On board (but not necessarily witnessing the kerfuffle) was John McAfee, inventor of the eponymous anti-virus protection, now a crypto champion.

The Daily Mail reports that trouble broke out on the cruise in front of horrified onlookers when Bitcoin developer Jimmy Song and Roger Ver, CEO of had a difference of opinion on a debate over the merits of Bitcoin versus Bitcoin Cash.

A heated argument began when Song started speaking and he claimed Ver was trying to interrupt him. He urged the heckling Bitcoin Cash evangelist to sit down.

Onlookers apparently began to shout at Ver telling him to relax. He then, by all accounts, tried to yank the microphone out of Song’s hands.

An extra microphone was brought on stage and Song left the stage, re-appearing a few minutes later to collect his notes. Both men then both relaxed and took part in a debate that lasted for more than half an hour.

Some Bitcoin Cash advocates, such as Ver, prefer the digital currency due to its comparatively lower transaction fees, faster transaction rates and ability to scale with its growing user base.

On the other side of the debate, Bitcoin purists believe it’s a more stable cryptocurrency and deny Bitcoin Cash advocates’ claims about it being plagued by slow transactions and high fees.

Meanwhile, a new report from MVIS CryptoCompare Digital Assets 10 Index, based in Frankfurt, which has tracked the collapse of digital currencies from an all-time high in January to a recent 80 per cent drop in value.

But all’s well that ends well with the two debaters. Phew!

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