How to get a blockchain job

Let's take a look at the skills needed to succeed in getting a job within the blockchain sector

The search for a blockchain job is becoming increasingly popular. Blockchain topped the list of the 20 fastest-growing skills in the second quarter of 2018, showing a 3,500% year-on-year increase in the United States alone.

Blockchain technology is expanding and extending quickly, and as it progresses, more and more jobs in this sector are opening up in different parts of the world.

Asia has seen a 50% increase in jobs in the blockchain and cryptocurrency sector since last year, according to London-based professional international recruitment firm Robert Walters Plc.

The company, which has offices in nearly 30 countries around the globe, notes that “jobs that involved working with blockchain technology and digital assets are still growing”, despite recent downward trends in the prices of cryptocurrencies.

However, as CNBC highlights, Asia is not the only region in the world that is observing a rapidly increasing number of blockchain jobs, as the trend is also noted in Europe and the United States, among other places.

The skills required

If you’re thinking about transitioning your career into a blockchain-related job, this article is the place to start. Blockchain jobs are very well paid, with most having a starting salary of nearly $100k a year. These are just a few of the skills you will need if you want to venture into the world of blockchain and crypto.

Know the platforms

Many businesses face the same challenge of not knowing which blockchain platform to select. Platforms include Ethereum, Hyperledger Fabric, and Multichain. This may be because of the large group of frameworks blockchain has. So, having a deep understanding of these platforms and knowing the right use case for each of them will make you a top candidate for any blockchain job.

Ability to adapt

Blockchain is a fast-growing, emerging sector, meaning it is imperative to have the ability to adapt and learn. Learning along the way will not only increase your knowledge of the technology, it will also give you the skills needed to progress in the industry. You may already have blockchain-related skills in areas such as data analytics, system architecture, or software development. If you do, then great, as these all serve a blockchain developer very well.

Understand blockchain principles

There are often a variety of blockchain roles that businesses are hiring for. However, large companies tend to build a team around a group of blockchain experts. For this, you would need strong software development and engineering skills, plus a deep understanding of the principles of blockchain. These principles include peer-to-peer transmission, irreversibility of records, and distributed databases. Knowing these will give you the ability and potential to revolutionise the way businesses work.

Know the standards and ecosystems

Understanding the standards within blockchain is crucial. Because blockchain technology is not a database, it requires every blockchain practitioner to have a breadth and depth of capabilities. These include having an understanding of the principles and practices of blockchain and how to apply them to all types of businesses.

Here is a list of some of the most in-demand blockchain-related skills:

With these skills, you will be well placed to get your dream job in blockchain.

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