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What is a cryptocurrency exchange?

Entities such as stock exchanges and foreign currency exchanges provide services that allow for inter-conversion between assets of a particular class. A cryptocurrency exchange works in a similar way....

By - June 9, 2018

What is the lightning network?

The lightning network is an idea to speed up crypto transactions. The idea of a revolution sweeping a well-established sector which has long taken its customers for granted is...

By - June 8, 2018

How are crypto prices determined?

Internet searches for Bitcoin, cryptocurrencies and crypto prices sky rocketed. Many people weren’t able to resist the fear of missing out on the massive gains the early adopters were...

By - June 8, 2018

What is a cryptocurrency?

Suddenly, all mainstream media outlets wanted a piece of the action. Without much to go on, they started using terms like cryptocurrency, digital cash or token interchangeably, not understanding...

By - June 8, 2018

What is a token?

A token is simply a cryptocurrency built on top of an existing blockchainYou’d go into the venue, and you’d exchange cash for a token that you could use for...

By - June 4, 2018