How TRON Arcade is helping the gaming world to level up with blockchain

TRON Arcade is looking to make blockchain more prevalent in the gaming industry - here’s how

In December 2018, blockchain platform TRON announced the creation of TRON Arcade. This $100 million project is the platform’s latest effort to drive blockchain adoption.

Blockchain in the gaming industry has received mixed reviews and results in terms of market penetration. Countless start-ups have emerged attempting to disrupt the $138 billion industry, but the adoption and retention of blockchain has caused large-scale challenges for early contestants.

However, TRON Arcade plans to exceed previous endeavours as it is built on an already well-established blockchain platform with a large community. TRON’s already robust technology infrastructure is set to attract new communities to the gaming and blockchain industry.

Expanding the blockchain imprint 

The gaming industry is one of the fastest-growing platforms in tech, with blockchain showing a similar trajectory. However, the technology is yet to crack the gaming puzzle due to the inability to break free of its technical constraints. Speed, scalability, and cost are all existing problems facing the adoption of blockchain in gaming.

TRON Arcade aims to tackle these issues with its $100 million blockchain gaming fund. TRON’s CEO Justin Sun believes that the TRON infrastructure will have a major impact on blockchain adoption.

“TRON strives to tackle existing issues faced by the gaming industry, by leveraging the open, transparent, and immutable nature of blockchain technology,” says SUN.

Alongside the technical barriers many platforms have faced, the technology has also failed to attract the attention of potential developers who are needed to truly push the technology. TRON Arcade plans on playing a crucial role in encouraging game developers to join in on the mission to provide the best blockchain gaming experience for users.

Driving adoption

TRON is not the first platform to recognise the sector’s potential. However, it might prove to be one of the few projects that actually achieves something. TRON Arcade is attempting to overshadow all former efforts in terms of scope and scale. The platform has already announced agreements with 10 companies willing to kick off the project. TRON is also hosting a distribution system and infrastructure capable of supporting all transactions that chaperon the modern gaming landscape.

TRON Arcade has also created a unique value proposition to potential gaming developers. These include instant access to the market with 600,000 users already signed up. Having this audience already cultivated allows TRON to help projects that struggle with costs by maintaining low-traffic games on other networks.

The TRON platform aims to deliver solutions to the commonly faced challenges that hinder the wide acceptance and accessibility of blockchain technology. Delivering these solutions will allow the platform to unlock its unknown potential. Justin Sun’s vision is to ensure TRON brings about the adoption of blockchain technology to the mass market by focusing on the consumer internet vertical. By doing this, TRON will be able to introduce more people to the world of blockchain and all it has to offer.

Final thoughts

It is still too early to determine which platform will be able to conquer the difficulties facing blockchain in gaming, but TRON has set out a pretty good plan already. If TRON proves to stand out and be one of the first blockchain companies to revolutionise the gaming industry, it will become much more widely known and respected.

However, gaming is a massive industry with an array of problems that could stop blockchain adoption from taking place. With blockchain technology proving to be too slow compared to the fast-paced gaming world, this will have an effect on the gaming experience for users and developers. TRON, however, aims to change this by creating a faster user experience completely free of charge.

Scalability is another issue TRON will aim to prove it can tackle. This problem cripples the potential of blockchain gaming as it currently exists. A blockchain game would have to require hundreds of transactions, and existing blockchains do not have the capacity to handle this.

If TRON Arcade can show it can deal with all of the issues blockchain adoption currently faces, then it will most definitely be a game changer.

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