HTC VIVE launches VIVE Arts NFT store

The virtual reality arm of the electronics company is expanding its VIVERSE, targeting the arts and culture industry

HTC VIVE, a virtual reality brand of the HTC Corporation, has launched its NFT store, consisting of digital art of VR, AR, and XR pieces, available to purchase through the VIVE Arts website.

Launched in 2016, the company started with the release of its first virtual reality headset – HTV VIVE – and had continued to build on its VR brand with the release of its HTC Vive Pro, an upgraded VIVE model, in 2018.

With the continuing growth of NFTs and the digital industry, the VIVERSE has expanded with the launch of the VIVE Arts NFT store.

The art trading platform  will allow its creators to have complete control over the number of NFT editions and the format of the sale, with both fiat and cryptocurrencies acceptable for payment.

Cher Wang, co-founder, and chair of HTC, said the platform will enable the support of artists and will only grow the opportunity of further innovation of digital creativity.

“This platform enables VIVE Arts to enhance our support for artists and institutions, opening up new opportunities for digital creativity, innovation, and connection using blockchain technology,” she said.

The inaugural sale of the NFT store will take place on Friday December 17, where NFTs of iconic Art Nouveau pieces by Czech artist Alphonse Mucha will be available for purchase.

Art’s digital transition

The digital industry continues to make a mark on the art industry and the launch of the VIVE Arts NFT store is just another step.

Luxury auction house Sotheby’s launched a metaverse platform, offering a selection of art in NFT form.

The first sale of the platform was in October that included 53 works of art from 19 NFT collectors, in what looks to be a burgeoning collaboration of two industries coming together.

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