HTC’s Exodus blockchain phone production continues

Taiwan-based smartphone producer HTC says the layoff of almost 25% of its workers will not halt manufacturing of the world’s first blockchain-based mobile phone.

HTC announced earlier this week that it would shed 1,500 employees in a move aimed at consolidating and improving the efficiency of its operations. But this will not hinder the manufacture of the first blockchain mobile phone.

“HTC continues to review its operations to ensure production resources align with key strategic initiatives, so that the company can more effectively compete in its target markets while maintaining its innovative edge,” an spokesperson told CNNMoney.

The phone, the first aimed at providing native support for blockchain apps, is being developed by Phil Chen, the founder of the firms’s virtual reality headset, Vive. It was announced a few weeks ago and will be equipped with a universal wallet and hardware support for Bitcoin, Ethereum and other cryptocurrencies, as well as dapps. HTC says it is considering allowing customers to purchase Exodus with cryptocurrency.

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