Huobi set to launch FastTrack program with five coins

Huobi will launch its FastTrack program tomorrow, with five coins initially being listed

Cryptocurrency exchange Huobi will launch its new FastTrack program with an initial five coins starting on June 7.

Huobi users will be able to vote on the five coins using the exchange’s native token, Huobi Token (HT).

All of those who vote for the winning coin will have their votes partially exchanged for the soon-to-be-launched tokens at approximately 50% off the market value.

“We’ve always believed in placing as few barriers as possible between users and how or what they want to trade when it comes to digital assets,” said Ross Zhang, Head of Marketing for Huobi Group.

“The idea behind Huobi FastTrack is simply a natural extension of that idea. FastTrack is also a great way for us to reward our long-time HT holders with a chance at discounted quality tokens and, at the same time, to provide much-needed exposure for some great projects. As an added bonus, it provides an additional use case for HT.”

The five projects on the program are: Privacy token ‘Origo’ (OGO), interactive advertising company ‘Atlas Protocol’ (ATP), open source technology provider ‘Fusion’ (FSN), P2P network connectivity protocol ‘NKN’ (NKN), and ‘Skrumble Network’ (SKM), which is a public blockchain that is uniquely optimised for secure communication connections.

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