HyperDragons announces ‘revolutionary’ update

HyperDragons - a blockchain-based strategy game - has announced its first "revolutionary" update for both the original and Go! versions of the game

HyperDragons – a blockchain-based strategy game developed by MixMarvel – has announced a new “revolutionary” update for both the original and Go! versions of the game.

According to a post on the game’s Medium blog page, HyperDragons Go! for Ontology will receive a fresh update in which certain dragons will increase the magic power value for users.

During battles, the magic value is consumed in order to use skills, so having a higher magic value provides a significant advantage.

How to train your dragon

The development team has also implemented a new skill training feature which enables players to train their dragons to develop new skills.

A customer support system has also been integrated to make communication between the players and the game developers smoother.

As part of the update, the Ethereum version of HyperDragons will also be upgraded to HyperDragons Go! to provide Ethereum users access to the full flavour of HyperDragons Go! gameplay.

The mining power of any dragons on the Ethereum version will be directly upgraded to the corresponding fighting power on the Go! version. Dragon trainers will be able to seamlessly transfer their dragons across to the new version to experience a new variety of dragons.

Finally, and excluding ‘Gen 0’ dragons, all dragons transferred to the new version will be transformed into ‘Gen 1’ dragons.

Once the update is complete, users will be able to compete in new battles in new arenas to vie for contest rewards.

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