Hyperledger Global Forum set for December

The event aims to cut through the blockchain hype and focus on adoption, spotlighting real uses of distributed ledger technologies for business and how they run live in production networks across the globe today

Blockchain consortium Hyperledger has announced the full schedule and initial keynote speakers for its inaugural Hyperledger Global Forum. This will take place from 12th-15th December in Basel, Switzerland.

Confirmed keynote speakers include:

  • Alexis Gauba, Co-Founder,Mechanism Labs and She(256); R&D, Blockchain at Berkeley; R&D, ThunderCore
  • Leanne Kamp, Founder & CEO, Everledger
  • Bruce Schneier,Fellow and Lecturer, Harvard Kennedy School
  • Frank Yiannas, Vice President, Food Safety,Walmart


“From tech and commerce giants and global policy groups to startups, blockchain creates new opportunities for collaboration, efficiency, transparency and, ultimately, growth,” says Brian Behlendorf, Executive Director, Hyperledger. “Hyperledger Global Forum is the first chance for the worldwide community to come together for an extended conversation about where and how to maximise the value of blockchain technologies using Hyperledger frameworks and tools. The packed schedule features a broad range of content and connections for business and technical audiences. This event is a must for anyone eager to understand blockchain implementations in real production settings, best practices and lessons learned.”

Hyperledger Global Forum agenda highlights


Business track

  • Financial Inclusion: How DLT Provides Hope For 1.7 Billion Unbanked People – Matthew Davie, Kiva
  • Verifiable Organisations Network: A Production Government Deployment of Hyperledger Indy – John Jordan, Province of British Columbia & Stephen Curran, Cloud Compass Computing
  • Creating a Blockchain Platform for Our Citizens and Companies – Gorka Oteiza, Lantik
  • Blockchain is Reshaping the Supply Chain Ecosystem – Roberto Mancone, trade
  • Teaching Blockchain to University Students and Professionals – Approach, Experiences and Reflections – Imre Kocsis,Budapest University of Technology and Economics


Technical track

  • Wrangling Hyperledger: Usability Lessons Learnt the Hard Way & Proposal For Steps Ahead– Sudheesh Singanamalla, Microsoft Research
  • How Consumers Are Taking Ownership of Their Digital Identity – Julie Esser,CULedger & Drummond Reed, Evernym
  • Blockchains in the Cloud – Nodes, Clusters, and Distributed Systems – Casey Kuhlman, Monax
  • Cryptography, Security Modelling, Privacy, and Confidentiality in Hyperledger – Hart Montgomery, Fujitsu Laboratories of America
  • Case Study: Santiago Stock Exchange Blockchain Lending Repository. How to Get a Blockchain Project in Production – Marco Alarcon, Bolsa Comercio Santiago


Production demos

  • Fighting Counterfeits from the Ledger – Benjamin Djidi,Amazon
  • The Industry Convergence of Automotive and Blockchain – Jason Bennick and Wes Reid, Dealer Market Exchange
  • Securing Cross-Border Exchange of eHealth Data in the EU through Blockchain – Ioannis Komnios, EXUS Software
  • Lessons from 2008 Financial Crisis: Combining AI and Blockchain for Loan Securitization – Siddhartha S & BS Anil,Intain Technologies


View the full schedule at: https://events.linuxfoundation.org/events/hyperledger-global-forum-2018/program/agenda/


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