IBM develops food tracking blockchain system in Brazil

Brazilian food giant BFR and French retailer Carrefour partner with IBM to create a system to show customers where their produce comes from

IBM has partnered with BRF and Carrefour to develop a blockchain system called “Food Tracking”.

The aim of the system, apart from tracking food products, is to inform consumers simply and objectively of the origin of food products.

The project was developed on Garagem 11.57, a space created by IBM to accelerate innovations and applications on the cloud. IBM Brazil Technical Solutions Leader Regina Nori says the system responds to increasing global concern over food safety and the trustworthiness of the origin of foods.

“In Brazil, BRF and Carrefour are optimistic about the potential of blockchain technology to bring about more visibility to the attention of conformity and quality of the processes in the food supply chain,” she explained.

The initial phase of the project contemplates a specific lot of frozen and sliced Sadia branded pork tenderloin. The experiment took eight weeks during which commercialisation of the product took place at the Sao Paulo hypermarket network.

“The new system allows for certification of food products to guarantee their quality from its origin in farms and fields to the consumer,” says BRF Vice-president of Technology Ney Santos.

The consumer can access all the information regarding all phases of production, distribution and display in stores of foods by scanning the QR code on the packaging.

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