If Bitcoin is a new form of life…

Here, we take a look at people describing Bitcoin as a new form of life, a fungus, and even a religion

Trendsetter and cypherpunk Jameson Lopp recently described the Bitcoin ecosystem as “a new form of life.”

My favourite reference from his quite accurate analogy is full nodes representing white blood cells to kill attackers who may be threatening the ecosystem.

Independent crypto consultant and analyst Brandon Quittem made the interesting comparison that Bitcoin is like a fungus. I think you may need a PhD in microbiology to understand most of the references, but I do agree the current crypto bear market will lead to some underground growth.

And finally, Bitcoin writer Gigi has his own take on Bitcoin. He made the suggestion that Bitcoin is a new form of religion. The white paper is the word of God and Satoshi is its messiah, and I am in full support of the idea that “eternal sound money is its promise.”

Do you have any ideas for Bitcoin analogies? If so, let us know in the comments!

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