I’m so there!: Circle’s Jeremy Allaire joins Warren Buffett crypto power lunch

"Crypto is now a major global policy issue and there is a great deal for Mr Buffett to understand and for us to learn from him as well"

As we’re sure you’re aware, Justin Sun has a fast approaching lunch date with Warren Buffett.

Somewhat unsurprisingly, Sun has been milking the auction prize for all it’s worth. Last month, for instance, he announced on Twitter that he had selected San Francisco’s Quince, a “three-Michelin starred restaurant in the historic Jackson Square,” for the 25th July, $4.5 million meal.

It has now emerged that Circle CEO Jeremy Allaire will be in attendance, alongside Litecoin creator Charlie Lee.

Last week, Allaire labelled Donald Trump’s crypto rant “possibly the largest bull signal for BTC ever”. “Crypto now a presidential/global policy issue. People everywhere will embrace a mix of sovereign and non-sovereign digital currency,” he tweeted.

“And btw if you are interested in the future of the US dollar, this industry is already way out ahead — US Dollar Coin, the cryptocurrency, is launched and growing,” he added.

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