Imperial College London handed £1m research donation from IOTA

In an attempt to fuel research into the circular economy the IOTA Foundation has handed a grant to the I3-Lab at ICL

The IOTA Foundation has provided a £1m grant to Imperial College London to kick off the I3-Labs (Imperial-IOTA-infrastructure labs) at the Dyson School of Design Engineering.

Research into the so-called circular economy is tipped as the main focus of the funding – and the I3-Labs will explore ways in which DLT technology can be leveraged to empower better continuity in the life cycle of a product or material.

Funding will be delivered through the extension of doctoral sponsorships and post-doctoral fellowships to bright young minds.

Much of the research will be aimed at bringing together entrepreneurs with local authorities to investigate how DLT-powered circular economics can mitigate serious environmental and economic challenges.

IOTA Foundation tips circular economy for green future

IOTA’s visionary founder Dominik Schiener revealed the idea behind the Foundation’s grant.

“An unwavering belief in constant innovation and meaningful collaboration are part and parcel of everything that makes the IOTA Foundation what it is,” said Schiener.

“By supporting this I3-LAB initiative, we’re furthering our commitment to ushering in a greener future using the most forward-thinking technology possible.

“We’re already anticipating the amazing research the I3-LAB will foster and enable. The DLT developments we fund will help usher in the circular economy and, most importantly, make our planet habitable for generations to come.”

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