‘Inactive’ wallet containing $5bn in Shiba has made astronomical profits

The holder of the wallet has made an estimated 38461400% (38.4m) return on their investment after only 400 days

A wallet containing 70,200,003,182,169 (70 trillion) Shiba has netted the collector a truly ridiculous return on investment following a spate of purchases made last year.

It’s estimated that the buyer purchased around 38 ETH – valued at $13k back then – worth of Shiba between August to October last year in a number of purchases of the now-infamous meme coin.

Now, after around 400 days, the wallet has now appreciated to an eye-watering $5bn valuation (yes, five billion dollars).

The wallet now contains an estimated $5bn in Shiba tokens

Even more astonishing is the return on investment the holder has made on their purchases- an estimated 38461400% (38.4m) increase.

However, it’s not all good news for the holder.

It’s feared that the wallet is now inactive after wallet activity shows that the last transaction was made 192 days ago, with no buys, sell or transfer made by the holder since.

It would be a cruel twist of fate if the holder couldn’t access the funds anymore considering their conviction during last year’s market downturn.

Now that Shiba has come back into the limelight, it will be interesting to see if the holder reappears and completes what many are calling “the greatest trade of all time.”

Shiba’s time to shine

The rally of Shiba Inu has been inspired by a number of bullish catalysts for the meme coin, starting with potential rumours surrounding an exchange launch.

Then, a flurry of new capital quickly entered the market and sent the price parabolic following market-leading spot volume across all major exchanges.

The introduction of derivatives products on exchanges like Binance, FTX and OKEx also led to incredible amounts of interest in riding the wave of euphoria.

Shiba’s price did briefly take a hit when Elon Musk revealed he owns no Shiba – crashing the price by an estimated 15%.

However, it didn’t stop the now rampant ‘Shiba Army’ from sending the asset into the top 10 of the market rankings with a now $36bn market cap and doing the unthinkable – flipping Dogecoin.

The ‘New kid on the block’ even, temporarily, flipped its ‘big brother’ Dogecoin in market cap when it reached an all-time high of $0.00008616 last night, which is quite incredible considering the tender age and maturity of Shiba as a token.

It’s been said that Dogecoin remains the superior meme token due to its community, store of value and genuine use cases in the industry whilst Shiba only holds value as a meme token and nothing more.

Now, as the two big dogs battle it out, only the markets and the frenzied euphoria of investors can decide which one will come out on top.

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