Infamous BitConnect shill Trevon James turns attention to Hex

Richard Heart's controversial Hex project is gaining momentum with the help of former BitConnect promoters Trevon James and Craig Grant

Former Ponzi scheme affiliate Trevon James is now advertising the controversial Hex project, with recommendations on his YouTube channel instructing people to send all of their Ethereum to Hex founder Richard Heart.

The decision from James comes two years after the demise of cryptocurrency’s most damaging multi-level-marketing scheme, with BitConnect being shut down in January 2018.

In a YouTube video dubbed “Five reasons why you should look at Hex”, James gives viewers a step-by-step guide on how to “earn” Hex by staking Ethereum through Richard Heart’s smart contract.

Heart even covered James’ involvement during one of his live streams, even alluding to James’ connection with BitConnect.

He said: “BitConnect had two top promoters. One was Trevon James and one Craig Grant. They both now promote Hex. Why? Is it because someone reached out to them and told them to?

“Nope. It’s because they knew that the design was going to pop off. They knew that it was going to be successful. So they’re promoting it, and guess what they’re not promoting? Some other bu****it.

“So every single referrer and every single person that we can onboard to an audited, openly verifiable peer-to-peer network like Hex, that’s one more user and one more dollar that isn’t going to a scam.”

Roger Ver’s exchange bizarrely listed the Hex token over the weekend, with the decision being met with intense scrutiny from the majority of the cryptocurrency community.

Richard Heart has now received a grand total of $5.65 million in Ethereum as investors continue to be lulled in by the promise of radical gains in a short period of time.

Coincidentally, US securities regulator the SEC issued a warning on Twitter over the weekend, writing: “If it sounds too good to be true… ‘Anticipated monthly returns of 20+%!’ – ‘Incredible gains!’ – ‘Guaranteed high returns!’ …it probably is.”

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