Insolar reaches top spot on DPRating list of best blockchain projects

Insolar, a fourth-generation blockchain project, has received a glowing assessment from DPRating, a leading blockchain project ranking site

Insolar, an enterprise-grade blockchain platform, has made it to the number one spot on the DPRating list of best blockchain projects.

Insolar is currently building an open-source blockchain platform that utilises distributed trust to enable seamless interactions between companies. It is a fourth-generation project which started work back in July 2018. Since then, the Insolar codebase has grown to a total of over 100,000 lines of code, creating a “solid foundation on which to build further features.”

Insolar has now received a glowing assessment by DRPating, a leading blockchain rating organisation.

DPRating has given Insolar a ‘Bb’ rating, which places it among some of the most elite blockchain projects in the world. It even anticipates that Insolar will become one of the largest 100 tokens by market capitalisation.

The news arrives just days after Insolar launched their testnet on January 22nd, when it remarkably demonstrated the capacity to process over 10,000 transactions per second. Insolar notes the achievement was assisted by using transactions sent between 20 nodes.

The company stated: “Thanks to near-linear scalability, the transaction speed is expected to rise with the size of the network, meaning that a large mainnet could support 1 million transactions per second – several orders of magnitude more than conventional blockchains.”

Their ambitious goal has been reflected by DPRating’s ‘A’ rating for their large and highly qualified team, and its ‘B’ rating for project fundamentals.

The company is expected to release a technical white paper on January 30th. It is believed the white paper will comprise of 70 pages covering its platform goals, key features, and core technologies.

“Insolar’s white paper will be both comprehensive and accessible to a wide audience,” notes chief architect and white paper author Kirill Ivkushkin. “It will outline the platform’s many unique capabilities and their real-world enterprise benefits.”

To add to the company’s positive news, CryptoMiso also ranked them number one for development activity out of 347 projects.

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