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Blockchain and crypto training and education


We have developed a range of bespoke executive training courses which can be be delivered online or onsite. It is also possible to customise our courses to deliver a unique blend of on and offline training. To deliver our superb range of training we are working in exclusive partnership with Sally Eaves.

About Sally Eaves

Sally is recognised as a thought leader in emergent technology (Blockchain, AI, Machine Learning, VR/AR) and the inaugural recipient of the Decade of Women’s FrontierWomen50 Award for her work with the United Nation’s on SDG #4 – Quality Education.

Key Skills & Qualifications

Professor in Advanced Technologies (Blockchain, AI Specialism), MSc IT & Management, FHEA, PGCert HE, MIET, PRINCE2, ITIL

She holds a number of directorships, undertakes bespoke consultancy projects and engages in innovative research and educational activity. An international events speaker and established author, she has cultivated a highly engaged and cross-sector network both in person and across all leading social media channels.

Tech For Good

In Sally’s own words “I believe strongly in the value of building mutually supporting professional relationships and a genuine business community, connecting people to one another to help make a difference. I live the ethos of paying it forward and additionally am committed to leading and promoting initiatives working with underrepresented groups to enhance employability, access to education and IT careers in order to build empowerment, create new life chances and foster a legacy of Tech For Good.”

Training Options:

  • Online training
  • Onsite training
  • Bespoke blended training


We have a huge library of guide and downloadable PDF’s on every aspect of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology. Want a beginner’s guide to blockchain? Interested in finding out how to scale blockchains with database sharding? Or maybe you want to find out more the growth of privacy coins? Whatever your existing level of knowledge or experience we have got it covered. We have a growing number of guides which are handily curated into six main sections.

Blockchain and crypto guides

Blockchain – we simplify the jargon surrounding blockchain technology, demonstrate its use cases and explore how its success will continue to grow

Cryptocurrencies – we’ve created dedicated guides that look at Bitcoin, altcoins and stablecoins. You can explore the purpose, benefits and risks of each coin.

Exchanges – we answer all the important questions around exchanges – where can you buy crypto, is it safe to do so and which exchanges are best for your requirements.

Initial Coin Offering (ICOs) – our guides will help you to identify ICO scams, how to evaluate them and what risks you need to be aware of.

Mining – we look at the best strategies, what equipment you should use, why you should think about joining a mining pool and how you can mine for different coins.

Wallets – learn what a cryptocurrency wallet is, how they work, what the different types are and how you can choose the right one for you.

Blockchain and crypto ultimate guides and brochures

We have developed a series of ultimate guides which are a more detailed look at some key areas to master in the crypto and blockchain world. These are a longer read than our guides and have more in depth content to help you really get to grips with the subject matter.

Take a look at our Definitive guide to Bitcoin and download the PDF – it’s yours to keep and gives you everything you need to know to fully understand Bitcoin

Improve your knowledge with our fun online quizzes

To go hand in hand with our definitive guides, we will be offering an online quiz to test your knowledge. You’ll be pleased to know they’re 10 multiple choice questions and all the answers are in the definitive guides the quiz relates to.