Developers / Blockchain Developer - London

Salary Position Type Job Type Location
£50,000 to £80,000 pa Full-Time Permanent London


Founded in 2016, This client is a hybrid of three elements. They are a software design and developer; they are a business consultancy and, where relevant, an investor in their client businesses.


Based in London, they partner with their clients to identify the fundamental value proposition of their business and then identify and build the technology that supports success.

Working with and building technology for start-ups through to multi-nationals to find a solution that will either create or differentiate a market.

The goal is to work closely to the partners to find the most efficient and effective way to validate business assumptions and test a product in the market to ensure it is able to deliver the business goals needed.
They like great solutions to real problems and want to help fresh ideas success. Sometimes this will mean backing a start-up, taking a portion of their costs as equity in their business.

Roles and Responsibilities

• As a Hyperledger Full Stack Engineer you will design solutions at the application level (chaincode) and at the platform level, implementing the tools to support the set-up, provisioning, orchestration and scaling of a Fabric platform, based either on cloud or physical infrastructures.
• This forward thinking company work with Clients from start-up to multinational across many verticals.
• The common denominator across all Clients is the need to solve fundamental business problems using technology as a means to achieve success. Their assignments are broad in nature, and varied, requiring ingenuity and innovation in the design of the solution.
• They adopt an agile methodology, working in self-managed scrum teams and collaborating closely with their Clients.
• You will get to work alongside highly motivated and technically gifted colleagues allowing you to expand your skill-set whilst also imparting your knowledge to the wider team.
• A polygot developer, you will have good working konwledge and experience writing code in Go, Python, Javscrpt and Java. Furthermore you will have the willngness to pick up other languages such as C++, Ruby and Solidity.
• Additionally, you will have architectural understanding of at least one of the following platforms/Protocols – Ethereum/Consensys, Hyperledger Sawtooth, Hyperledger Fabric and Corda – and will possess the ability to translate abstract use cases into an implementable solution.

Skills and Experience

You will be a team player with a willingness to work in a Lean Agile development environment.

• Able and willing to analyse open source code (in particular Hyperledger Sawtooth and Hyperledger Fabric)
• Knowledge of using cloud (PaaS) development practices
• Knowledge of platform engineering, namely building Blockchain as a Service
• Knowledge of software engineering practices (code quality, CI/CD)

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