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Iron Sail Launches Ark Rivals Mainnet, Bridging The Gap Between Blockchain and Traditional Gaming

First free to play NFT game that is fully based on user-generated content will also launch limited set of 5,000 NFT boxes for purchase from 19 to 25 April

Iron Sail, a collective effort aimed at contributing to the development of the blockchain gaming space has announced that its sci-fi action strategy NFT game, Ark Rivals will launch its mainnet on 26 April 2022. Developed by leading game studio Topebox, the launch of Ark Rivals mainnet combines familiar elements of real time strategy games with in-game tokenomics to broaden the appeal of blockchain games to traditional gamers.
Built with crypto enthusiasts and mainstream gamers in mind, Ark Rivals will feature novel elements that enhance the overall gaming experience, highlighting the advancements and potential of blockchain-based gaming. Users will have the opportunity to participate in Ark Rival’s Faction Wars, where they can gather their allies and immerse themselves in the in-game economy. Ark Rival’s unique ship and commander feature also gives players the flexibility to pick and choose the appropriate in-game strategy, with a focus on creating gaming experiences that rival non blockchain-based games.
Some of the NFT ships and commanders are exclusive to Ark Rival’s Gacha off-chain system, which means that players will have to prioritize gameplay in order to earn these NFTs. These items can then be minted into NFTs that can then be sold when the player desires.
Exclusive NFT Sale Event 
To commemorate the launch, Ark Rivals will be conducting an NFT sale event running from Tuesday 19 April to Monday 25 April. Up to 5,000 NFT boxes will be made available for purchase through the Ark Rivals marketplace on the game’s website, giving users the chance to own one-star to five-star ‘Miners’. Four types of boxes will be on sale, each with a different price as listed below.
  • Magic Box: 125 $ARKN
  • Rare Box: 500 $ARKN
  • Epic Box: 1000 $ARKN
  • Legendary: 2000 $ARKN
During the sale period, players will be entitled to a 10% discount on the Magic and Rare boxes, and a 15% discount on the Epic and Legendary boxes.
Once purchased, users will receive their NFT Arkana Miners after unboxing and may connect the NFTs to the in-game mining platform to boost their earning capabilities by producing the game’s Arkana token, $ARKN. The estimated minimum break even time is one day while the estimated average break even time is 82 days.
Tri Pham, Founder of Iron Sail, said: “Following Ark Rivals’ alpha launch earlier this year, we are encouraged by the positive feedback from players and this puts us in a strong position towards producing quality games that bring crypto enthusiasts and traditional gamers together. The launch of Ark Rivals mainnet is a significant milestone for Iron Sail, as we continue to push the boundaries of what’s possible for blockchain games, ultimately paving the way for the development of an open and inclusive metaverse for all.”
Ark Rivals completed its alpha launch on 8 February 2022, and completed its beta test on 16 March 2022, during which the Arkana Miner NFT was integrated on the testnet. Since then, over 100,000 players have registered for Ark Rivals, with each user averaging 17 battles per day and an engagement time of over one hour. Ark Rivals also boasts retention rates of 40% on Day 1 and 15% on day 7.

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