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Is Bitcoin grabbing the bulls by the horns?

Leading analyst suggests BTC's recent surge is a sign of things to come

Bitcoin is finally on the verge of breaking out of the bearish sentiment that has gripped the cryptocurrency market, affirms the CEO of one of the world’s largest independent financial advisory organisations.

The comments from Nigel Green, chief executive of deVere Group, follow surging Bitcoin prices over the last few days. On Friday, the world’s largest and original digital currency jumped around 10% within 24 hours, pushing past $3,700 for the first time in three weeks.

“It was a relatively sudden jump, and, of course, positive news for those currently holding Bitcoin,” observed Mr Green.

“However, the price only reached the top of the trading range and investors should not be popping champagne corks just yet.”

The leading analyst explained he believed the new outlook for the market was being driven by three factors.

“First, there are widely published reports that according to a leaked interview with a commissioner, a Bitcoin ETF could imminently secure approval from the US securities watchdog,” he said.

“Second, the development of the Lightning Network which will dramatically improve Bitcoin’s well-documented scalability issues, allowing it to move towards mass adoption.

“And third, the 2020 Bitcoin halving. The code for mining Bitcoin halves around every four years and the next one is set for May 2020. When the code halves, miners receive 50% fewer coins every few minutes. History shows that there is typically a considerable Bitcoin surge resulting from halving events.”

The deVere CEO concluded: “Bitcoin is the flagship cryptocurrency and, as such, we can expect when its value climbs, it will drive prices of other major digital currencies such as Ethereum and XRP.”

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