Israel’s Mossad seeks crypto and fintech experts

Israel’s intelligence agency Mossad is on the hunt for professionals in the field of financial technology and is searching for crypto and fintech experts

Israel’s national intelligence agency, Mossad, is seeking a cryptocurrency expert with at least three years of experience in the fintech industry.

According to the announcement, the ideal candidate should have “in-depth technological understanding and expertise in the world of fintech, e-commerce, DEF and digital currencies”.

The candidate should be responsible for “leading, initiating, planning and accompanying systems development activities”.

Mossad further claims that this is the first time that the institution is openly looking for a “person who specialises in cryptocurrencies, the most famous of which is Bitcoin.”

Furthermore, another job ad says the agency is seeking for a business consultant for what is defined as a “challenging and dynamic role.” The candidate must have, among other things, “an academic degree in Business Administration / Accounting / Law / Economics and five years of experience in international trade, as well as the high level of English.”

Last but not least is a position of an expert in developing unique mechanical means for a job that includes “planning, developing, manufacturing, implementing, writing a product portfolio, training, managing product methodology and performing mechanical integration for complex assemblies”. The job also includes travel abroad.

Hamas falls under crypto raid

A lot of the Israeli state’s recent crypto-related business has been focused on Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies’ popularity with the militant wing of Hamas. As they are classified by Israel as a terrorist organisation, it is logical that they are trying to fight its financial isolation by using cryptocurrencies for their fundraising campaigns on social media.

Recently, Israeli defense minister Benny Ganz signed an order enabling Israel’s National Bureau for Counter Terror Financing to seize cryptocurrency accounts connected to Hamas’ militant wing after the organisation had allegedly accelerated its crypto fundraising efforts, raising approximately 3,370 BTC during a four-year period.

A total of 84 crypto addresses considered to be linked with Hamas were confiscated.

Analysis revealed that the Islamic terrorist group used also other cryptocurrencies including Tether, Ethereum and Dogecoin, with wallets in receipt of more than $7.7 million in crypto assets.

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