Sponsored The Metaverse and How It Can Be The Gaming Industry’s Big Hit

If you’ve even been around the tech space recently, you’d know that the metaverse is the biggest trend out there. Everyone is looking for a way to make the most out of the metaverse and jump on the trend, and we’re seeing a great deal of activity around that space already.

With most of the world now fixated on this trend, it is worth understanding how different industries could be affected by it. What could the metaverse do for entertainment landscapes and how can we expect change to happen? 

One of the many benefits that the metaverse brings is entertainment. By creating a world where people can be immersed and can essentially be whatever they want to be, the metaverse is ensuring that we get a new meaning to what entertainment is and how it should be explored.

Gaming have been a long-standing pillar of human entertainment for a long time. The gaming industry is valued in the hundreds of billions, and it has continued to grow as more people get familiar with it.

However, the gaming space itself isn’t perfect. Several issues are plaguing the gaming pace right now, and the metaverse can especially focus on solving these:

Health and player postures

Online gaming is seen as the future of gaming entirely. However, it also takes a toll on the human body. Imagine having to sit in front of a computer for hours, playing Blackjack. Your back gets sore, your body starts to ache, and you’re unable to enjoy the game you’re playing.

The metaverse should bring a shift into that. You get to enter into a virtual reality world, meaning that you no longer have to sit in front of a screen for hours. Just log into your game, put on your headset, and you get to enjoy an immersive experience.

The fact that the experience changes entirely – and could even involve some physical action from you – makes the metaverse a much-needed benefit to the gaming industry. With more people opting to stay at home instead of going out to play games, the metaverse will ensure that their health can be maintained.

Bringing back the traditional gaming attributes

While gaming online has been a blessing to the space, it has also caused a loss of several traditional gaming traits. For instance, it’s almost impossible to read the other players when you’re playing online poker. That feeling of playing with others is an important part of what makes gaming so much fun, and the move towards the online landscape has almost eroded all of that.

The metaverse is also expected to bring a solution to this. Gamers will be able to observe their opponents, read their body language and understand how their avatars look. You can control your character better and make guesses based on others.

All of these should give you a better chance of winning the games.

Inclusion through more effective payments

Then, there’s the problem of payments. One of the biggest issues plaguing online gaming right now is that platforms don’t have the right type of payment systems that can accept everyone. Players can’t deposit money, and they don’t have means to withdraw their winnings because of geographical restrictions. 

So, if an establishment’s gaming platform  is based in a specific country and you live on a different continent, it’s almost impossible for you to deposit or withdraw money. In instances where cross-border transactions can be possible, the fees charged will be way too much, and players will be better off just staying away.

The payment problem has plagued the online gaming industry for as long as the latter has existed. It has restricted inclusion and made it impossible for establishments to also expand.

This is one area where the metaverse – aided by cryptocurrencies can come in. cryptocurrencies are the future of payments, and they’ve already been massively integrated into most metaverse platforms. Since they operate on the digital landscape, we can expect that many platforms will accept crypto as they transition into the metaverse.

 Cryptocurrencies offer speed, security, reliability, and accessibility to everyone. No one controls them, and they make cross-border transactions a breeze. With cryptocurrencies, gamers will be able to play on any gaming site globally without worrying about the challenges of finding proper payment gateways.

 Instead of worrying about possible banking channels, just make transactions using your digital wallet. Instead of worrying about location, crypto brings the world to you. Cryptocurrencies are also highly affordable as a payment channel, so you don’t need to worry about rising fees.

 The Next Frontier For Gaming

 It goes without saying that gaming is about to change a lot. The metaverse is the latest trend to change things, and there are many benefits it could bring to gaming entirely. 

 Slotie Juniors is one interesting platform that is taking gaming into the metaverse. The platform already has a metaverse (called the SlotieVerse), which it is looking to turn into an entertainment city like Las Vegas. Slotie Juniors has also launched a non-fungible token (NFT) drop in December 2021. Their foray into the metaverse is expected to be a huge hit. 

 Of course, several other platforms are also doing impressive things with the metaverse and its potential to change the gaming space. This isn’t to say that the metaverse will be a solution to all of gaming’s problems, But, considering that this development is here, we should explore how it could change gaming for the better.

 Online gaming will always be a thing, and the metaverse isn’t going to eat it up entirely. So, people who prefer to game online without having the immersive metaverse experience can still do that. But, if you’re ready for a truly game-changing experience, then get ready for the metaverse.

Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed by the author should not be considered as financial advice. We do not give advice on financial products.

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