It’s official: Huobi Russia up and running

"Huobi Russia is a local exchange supported by Huobi Cloud, our regional exchange partnership programme, in partnership with the VEB Digital Transformation Center and Russian experts in the field of blockchain and exchange trading," a press release notes

Singapore-based cryptocurrency exchange Huobi has officially launched its first branch in Russia.

“Despite the current market, the trading volume of Huobi Russia is growing, and recently exceeded US$20 million in a single day. This shows the high interest and popularity of the Huobi Russia exchange with the Russian community,” says Huobi Russia CEO Andrei Grachev.

“We will also be looking into providing blockchain and business development services for the local Russian users, such as education, project management, and negotiating deals.”

Demin Vladimir Igorevich, Chairman of the VEB Innovation Fund, comments: “Russia is actively promoting the blockchain market. As a well-known bank owned by the Russian government, VEB seeks to play an important role as a leader in blockchain research and legislation.”

“In the field of digital asset trading, Huobi is one of the world’s largest digital asset trading platforms, with advanced technology and mature experience, security, and trading experience. VEB will continue to expand and cooperate with Huobi in the fields of development and education.”

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