Alpine F1 team partners Binance to launch Alpine fan token

Alpine Formula One team and Binance have revealed a new collaboration that co-joined Alpine F1 team with the Binance Fan Token platform.

With this partnership, Binance also became the official Alpine eSports partner from 2022 onwards and the Binance logo will now be visible on the new Alpine A522 car, which will be launched on February 21 2022.

The token (ALPINE) will be issued via the Binance launchpad and will, according to the team, help explore new branding opportunities “to create a more purposeful and intuitive fan engagement experience for F1 fans, both on the physical and digital race track, through unique and engagement-based rewards, interactivity, gamification”.

“BWT Alpine F1 Team is not one to shy away from challenges, nor are we afraid to continually push the limit both on and off the track,” said Alpine’s CEO, Laurent Rossi.

“Partnering with Binance fuels our passion to change the racing landscape as well as open doors for more innovative fan engagement.

“This journey starts with the ALPINE token launch and the unveiling of a special collection of NFTs.

“These upcoming, limited edition NFTs will highlight team’s commitment in striving for elegance, ingenuity and audacity.

“We aim to be forerunners in this new digital space and we believe Binance is the right partner to take us all the way to the checkered flag.”

Helen Hai, CEO of Binance Fiat Exchange added it was the company’s first Formula 1 partnership.

“The Alpine name has a rich history in motorsports but it is its innovative approach to fan engagement that aligns perfectly with our vision for Binance Fan Tokens,” she said.

She further explained the team likes to push the envelope when it comes to engaging fans who have access to perks like “exclusive test drives, one-on-one time with professional racing drivers, as well as playing host to rallies set in the picturesque French countryside – just to name a few”.

“We aim to bring equally exciting experiences to the blockchain and drive even more utility for token holders, to extend the range of activities fans can already do on our platform,” she said.

“We are just approaching ‘turn one’ of ‘lap one’ on the token race track; and possibilities are truly endless.”

According to Binance, the token sale will follow the launchpad subscription format, with the recording of user BNB balances starting at midnight on February 16.

Binance will record user BNB balances for five days until February 21, and the final BNB holding amount for each user will be determined as the average of the five days, using the daily average BNB balance calculation.

ALPINE token sale details

  • Token name: Alpine F1 Team Fan Token (ALPINE)
  • Launchpad hard cap: 4,000,000 USD
  • Hard cap per user: 10,000 USD (10,000 ALPINE)
  • Total token supply: 40,000,000 ALPINE
  • Total tokens allocated to Binance launchpad: 4,000,000 ALPINE (10% of total token supply)
  • Public sale token price: 1 ALPINE = 1 USD (price in BNB will be determined prior to subscription)
  • Token sale format: Subscription
  • Supported sessions: BNB only


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