Libra unveils second roadmap

Facebook’s controversial Libra project has unveiled its second roadmap, providing additional insight into what the team will be focusing on in the coming months.

The roadmap mainly focuses on ‘Libra Core’ – the key software underpinning the project.

Libra Core has been built using open-source software, meaning Libra’s permissionless blockchain will allow developers, companies, and consumers alike to develop their own projects using the system.

The project’s first roadmap was released back in October and revealed five partners were set to go live with full nodes on Libra’s pre-mainnet.

The association anticipated 100 additional partners would run on the system before the mainnet launches.

According to the new roadmap, the Libra team has finalised the design for most major features, including full nodes. The team will now be focused on finishing all features in order of priority.

This will comprise of creating a full set of protocol architecture documents alongside building the network’s application program interfaces (APIs).

The Libra Association is also taking steps to increase transparency and encourage its community to contribute to the project.

The roadmap suggests the team is currently sourcing product requirements around its infrastructure and APIs directly from client developers.

The Libra Association will continue providing updates on the project through its developer blog and GitHub.

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