The Final Countdown, Presale To End, Big Eyes Coin to Pounce & Dogecoin to fall

The final countdown has begun and like the saying goes “you gotta be in it to win it” and it’s to make moves or be left in the dust as new mega multi-billionaires are born. Will you be saying “Me-WOW” or “Me-OUCH”?

Big Eyes Coin (BIG) is a cat themed meme coin and has managed to successfully secure over $35.5 million in presales which has the crypto verse talking. The rumor around cryptoville is that BIG, will be the new queen of memes and has been sharpening her claws to unleash her feline furry fury in the cutest, most adorable ways.

Get Your Licks In While You Can With Big Eyes Coin

The presale for BIG will be coming to an end on June 3rd and historically data has shown us that the price of crypto during its presale stage is always lower than when it goes live. As BIG wags her furry fluffy tail gearing up to wipe the floor clean of all that would challenge her, she has developed a strong cult following amongst the meme coin communities.

Be aware the CatCrew is out on the prowl and ready to pounce as they are on the lookout for Dogecoin (DOGE) and Shiba Inu (SHIB). Crypto enthusiasts are predicting BIG will easily be amongst the top 3 meme coins if not the alpha.

The end result was for BIG to announce that the 13th round of presales would be the last with the token scheduled to go live on June 15th as it prepares to launch on a tier 1 crypto exchange alongside Uniswap. To end things in a big way, BIG enabled a promotional code (END300) that allowed early investors to get an additional 300% on their investments.

DOGE has shown us the importance of a community and how it has the ability to influence the valuation of meme coins. The token was originally set to launch once the milestone of $50 million had been successfully achieved however the crypto communities became restless.

Low-cap crypto options are all the rage during alt season and the crypto market is on the cusp of a bull rush. Meme coins have proven their ability to make an impact on the cryptoverse. Meme coins are used for more than just trading and have even been accepted as a means of payment.

Big Eyes Coin will also have utility allowing token holders to utilize BIG in the Cat House Casino which is expected to be fully operational by August 29th. The Big Eyes Casino has been confirmed to have over 4,000 games with a play-to-earn (P2E) mechanism.

Everyone wants to become a mega millionaire which is why such a large number of people gamble and play the lottery. Many people often do not get the opportunity to live out their true potential due to having to work and not actually being able to do what they want.

If you have come across this post then you do have the ability to take advantage and invest and have the ability to walk away saying “Me-WoW” instead of overthinking and missing out and walking away saying “Me-Ouch”. History does repeat itself and lighting never strikes so take advantage while you can.

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