Three things to be aware of before online gambling

With the rise of online gambling it has never been easier for people to place a punt on a sporting event, even a cultural or political event such as who will be the next Prime Minister. Yet before you dive in here are three things you should be aware of in regards to online gambling.

When the fun stops, stop.

This is the most important concept to be aware of. Gambling in general can be highly addictive and with the access of gambling now being easier than ever addiction is on the rise within society. The slogan “when the fun stops, stop” set up by provides guidance for those who are susceptible to addiction.

Some of their key points include:

  • Setting your limits
  • Only bet what you can afford
  • Do not bet if you become angry or frustrated
  • Never chase your losses

Should you match just one of the criteria listed above it is advised to stop online gambling for the time being.

The casino always wins

This is a well known fact although often overlooked. While it is possible to win big from online gambling the chances are not stacked in your favour. Instead of entering online gambling in the hope of winning lots of money, it is advised you try to enjoy the experience and be very aware that you are likely to lose money. Perhaps not initially but, if you gamble for long enough then it’s more than likely you will. Never gamble more than you can afford to lose.

Set deposit limits

Deposit limits are common in online gambling. Essentially, they prevent a customer from depositing more than a certain amount per week. This is a very useful tool for people who do not want to go over a weekly budget. It can also serve as a reminder to stop betting. By placing deposit limits user can protect themselves from overspending and potentially addiction.

These are three simple rules to be aware of before you begin online gambling. Should you fear that the gambling has taken hold of your social life, contact your local GP or any of the gambling charity organisations for help.

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Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed by the author should not be considered as financial advice. We do not give advice on financial products.

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