Jack Dorsey and Cathie Wood to host Bitcoin-focused initiative, Musk rumoured to appear

The ₿ Word will host live interviews with leading figures in business and technology to address mainstream narratives about Bitcoin

The Crypto Council for Innovation (CCI), a global alliance of crypto and Bitcoin industry leaders, has announced their plans to host “The ₿ Word”, a live experience that is co-hosted by ARK Invest, Square, Inc., and Paradigm.

The initiative will launch with an event on Wednesday. July 21 at 12 pm ET. The opening event brings together leading figures in the Tech and emerging blockchain industry to help “demystify and destigmatise” narratives about Bitcoin and explain how institutions can embrace it.

“The ₿ Word” will feature live interviews with CEO of Ark Invest, Cathie Wood and Jack Dorsey, the CEO of Twitter and Square, Inc. The event will also feature presentations from prominent figures such as CEO of Blockstream Adam Back, Anthony Pompliano from Pomp Investments and many more. Following the event, a library of content will become available to the Bitcoin investor community.

“We are proud to co-host the launch of ‘The ₿ Word’” said Cathie Wood. “As the next wave of adopters embrace Bitcoin, we believe stakeholders must play an active role in supporting and sustaining the network.”

Jack Dorsey also commented on the event, saying “As companies and institutions like us are getting into Bitcoin, we all need to better understand how to put the community first and how we may help it thrive, even when it appears to be against our own interests. Doing so will benefit all over the long-term,”

The event prompted a comical exchange between Jack and Elon Musk on Twitter, which seemed to suggest that Elon Musk will attend the event and debate Bitcoin with Dorsey.

The exchange started with Musk commenting “Bicurious?” on Jack’s tweet, prompting a response from Jack inviting him to speak at the event and have “THE talk” about Bitcoin.

Elon Musk then responded “let’s do it”, which could signal Musk’s participation in the highly-anticipated event.

A potential discussion between Dorsey and Musk brings intrigue to the event, as Dorsey has become bullish towards Bitcoin whilst Musk remains critical and outspoken on environmental issues and the community behind BTC.

An “early” institutional investor in Bitcoin, Musk remains outspoken regarding his stance towards Bitcoin, poking fun at so-called “Bitcoin Maxis” and their bullish stance towards the asset. Whether Musk will attend the event remains unclear. However, his potential attendance could provide greater exposure and attention for  The ₿ Word.

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