JD.com signs on with Hyperledger

Blockchain consortium, Hyperledger, has added 11 new members, including Chinese e-commerce giant, JD.com. 

The other newcomers are Beike Finance, BGI Shenzhen Co., Bit Game Foundation, Circulor, Kyra Solutions, Lenovo, NuCypher, Optherium Labs, Shenzhen Onething Technologies and Shenzhen Ultrachain Technologies.

“As blockchain technologies continue to prove their value in increasingly diverse applications, Hyperledger continues to gain traction and investment from an increasingly diverse membership base,” says Brian Behlendorf, Executive Director, Hyperledger.

“We have members of all sizes from close to 30 countries that are transforming healthcare, financial services, supply chain management, digital identity management and other online and cloud-based businesses and services. Of late, it’s been exciting to see the rush of innovation in China and other Asian countries, where we have a large and growing base. However, we recognise that, thanks to our diverse community, enterprise blockchain technology is impacting companies and users around the world.”

Blockchain technology is a revolution that can facilitate mutual trust in business and improve operational efficiency. The Hyperledger community is highly productive and has extensive practical experience. We are pleased to join this big family and will build win-win collaborations in the near future,” comments Dr. Pei Jian, the Head of the Blockchain Technology team at JD.com.

“We will make full use of our own advances in Big Data, cloud computing and well-established bonds with enormous suppliers worldwide to build a blockchain-based ecosystem and accomplish new commercial values. Currently, blockchain has been used in the products of anti-counterfeiting traceability in JD.com for promoting and securing high-quality products.”

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